Non-Site Records is a Brooklyn-based independent artist owned and operated media label. Started in 2010 by performer, composer, and curator/producer Chris McIntyre, Non-Site was formed to document and distribute the myriad contemporary music projects of McIntyre and his colleagues in the field.
UllU - August cover
Non-Site 002: UllU - August
Release Date: December 16, 2013

Non-Site Records is proud to release August, the debut recording of the Brooklyn-based duo UllU (New York contemporary music stalwarts David Shively and Chris McIntyre). The three tracks on August contain material recorded live, edited, and mixed at Shively's Williamsburg studio. The CD captures the duo in full experimental mode, probing its potential collaborative language from within the sonic syntax emanating from Shively's idiosyncratic feedback instrumentarium and McIntyre's fleshy trombone sound and virtual-analog synth convolutions.

CD Release Event:
Sunday, December 15th, 2013, 8pm
UllU & TILT Brass collaborate at Experimental Intermedia
Release of August, UllU's debut recording

Experimental Intermedia
224 Centre Street at Grand, Third Floor
New York, NY 10013

More information: ullumusic.com/events


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NSR 001
Non-Site Records 001
To TILT: Volume One | Original Music for TILT Brass
Non-Site SoundCloud Series 01
TILT Brass - Debut at Bowery Poetry Club
Non-Site SoundCloud Series 02
TILT Brass - Bowery Poetry Club, August '03

Non-Site Records 001
To TILT: Volume One | Original Music for TILT Brass

In April 2011, Non-Site Records released its first record: Brooklyn-based TILT Brass' To TILT: Volume One. Subtitled Original Music for TILT BrassTo TILT is a series of recordings that present repertoire commissioned and premiered by TILT’s innovative brass ensemble projects. Produced by legendary composer and pianist Anthony ColemanVolume One features the organization’s founding ensemble TILT Creative Brass Band in works that span the group’s 8 year history and broad aesthetic interests. The roster of performers on this record reads like a list of the most innovative musicians on the avant music scene including Shane Endsley(trumpet), Jacob Garchik (bass trombone), Russ Johnson (trumpet), and Kevin Norton(percussion). Compositions on the CD include:
  • Chris McIntyre’s geologically inspired ensemble tour de force Foliation (for Suzanne) (2010)
  • The driving polyrhythmic energy of Nick Didkovsky’s Stink Up! (Evolved Form) (2003)
  • Anthony Coleman’s now-classic “mediation/meditation on ‘Brass-ness’” 
    Set Into Motion(2005)
  • The sardonic, referential, and joyous Revisitor (2009) by Curtis Hasselbring
  • Nate Wooley’s surprisingly luscious chorale there was this shadow, this double (2007)

For more about TILT Brass and To TILT: Vol. 1 visit www.tiltbrass.org


Non-Site SCR 01
TILT Brass - Debut at Bowery Poetry Club

TILT Brass - Debut at Bowery Poetry Club is the first set from Non-Site Records' SoundCloud Releases (SCR) series. It documents TILT Brass' (simply TILT Brass Band at the time) first public performance, Jan. 20, 2003 at BPC.

TILT Brass online: www.tiltbrass.org 
Press Release from event: bit.ly/TILT_BPC_030120
Rhys Chatham online: www.rhyschatham.net/
Tom Varner online: www.tomvarnermusic.com/index.htm
Dave Ballou online: www.daveballou.com

Dave Balllou, Russ Johnson, Brian McWhorter - trumpet
Greg Evans, Justine Flynn, Tom Varner – French horn
Curtis Hasselbring, Christopher McIntyre – trombone
Mike Boschen – bass trombone
Marcus Rojas – tuba
Kevin Norton – percussion

NOTE: Due to technical error with the recording device, several works on the concert are either not represented or have unintended edits (Rzewski).


TILT Brass - Bowery Poetry Club, August '03
Non-Site SCR 02

SCR 02 Info TILT Brass - Bowery Poetry Club, August '03 is the second from the SoundCloud Releases (SCR) series by Non-Site Records. It presents music from the 2nd concert by TILT's original Brass Band project in August 2003. As did the group's public debut (Non-Site SCR 01), this event took place at the now-defunct East Village venue Bowery Poetry Club. The programing for this show was irreverently "style-blind," encompassing full-ensemble improvisation, pop tune arrangements, and virtuosic concert music. Experimentations of a young, evolving ensemble comprised of world-class, seasoned NYC professionals. Lots of fun listening, enjoy!

TILT Brass www.tiltbrass.org
Press Release http://bit.ly/TILT_BPC_030812

Dave Ballou, Russ Johnson, Jon Nelson - trumpet
Greg Evans, Tom Varner – French horn
Curtis Hasselbring, Christopher McIntyre – trombone
Julie Kalu – bass trombone; Dave Hofstra – tuba
Kevin Norton – percussion